Technology Used by James Attree

James uses carefully chosen industry standard tools to deliver images of lasting quality.

Canon Cameras and Lenses
The Canon 24mm Tilt Shift lens alone is probably sufficient to sway any architectural photographer to move to Canon, but when paired with the 1Ds bodies the results are truly impressive. Perspective correction and images with up to 40 mega-pixel resolutions provides almost unlimited opportunities when creating images. From screen based web pages right up to bill-board sizes this combination always delivers.
A range of Canons professional lenses is always close to hand, from macro lenses through to telephoto's.

I started teaching Adobe's products in 1990 and have continued to use their range of professional imaging software ever since.
No matter how clean the original image, it can always be improved in post production, and my long experience allows me to deliver the very highest quality professional images from all contracts. Currently Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on a top of the range colour profiled Mac provides the tools, but I also have considerable experience with PC's and can always deliver content in any format required.

Your images are valuable, and I always regard them as such.
All files are archived in three different locations including off-site secure storage.